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government has instituted various measures aimed at bolstering the security of its citizens and ensuring that they are comfortable in whatever they are doing. Oftentimes, the government has to outsource of the services to private entities. Some individuals also contract private entities because they consider them as effective and efficient in terms of services delivery and accountability. Such dynamics has seen the rise of private security in the U. S. And globally Lyon, 2005.

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Chapter 8: Crime and the threat environment.

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Retrieved from ne survey in Pennsylvania showed that:81 percent of residential intrusions occur through the first floor.

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At the outset of the Act, "security" is defined as "any note, stock, treasury stock, security future, security based swap, bond, debenture, evidence of indebtedness, certificate of interest or participation in any profit sharing agreement, collateral trust certificate…" and many others are subject to the law.

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Motion Sensors: It’s the most essential and common form of protection.